When God removes the substitutes

Unemployed Worship Pastor

This week is the end, at least of this chapter.  The ministry that I was called too, the one that I was going to spend the rest of my life in, is done.  Now what?  Simple really, God.

I mean that, really.  God, He’s it, He’s the only thing I can focus on.  I don’t want a Church job, that is not what I am called to do.  I am called to be part of an unmistakable move of God, the only problem is, and He knows it full well, is that somewhere along this journey we go from working with God to working for Him. 

That is what He is revealing.  You see He could have opened up another door before this one closed.  But He didn’t.  He could have spoken to me in a burning bush and told me exactly what He is up too, but He hasn’t.  No this time, this waiting, is oh so intentional. 

The fact is, He wants me to work with Him to spread His love.  In fact He wants it more than me.  the problem is simple.  I, like most people who are striving to live out their call, accidentally forgot that the call actually involved Him in the process.  I don’t mean the belief is lacking, no most of us believe He is there.  We believe that, but we operate as though He has sent us out on an errand.  We go, alone, make it happen, come back and He says “well done . . . ”  The problem is, it is bad theology and it is even worst relationally. 

God called you and I to be part of His work, that statement means that He is actually working and we get the privilege of being part of it.  So, I wait, I listen and when He reveals the work that He is doing, the work that He longs for me to be a part of, I will go.  Until then, the waiting is the hardest part.   Maybe Tom Petty wasn’t so off base.  In the meantime, my challenge to you, are you part of what God is doing or are you just doing and asking God to take part?


~ by jamesjonesinc on March 10, 2009.

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